Recovery Starts Here!


Welcome To Consecrated Care, Inc.

Recovery Starts Here!

Consecrated Care, Inc. is a bilingual, outpatient, methadone maintenance and detoxification treatment program for persons addicted to opiate drugs. Our mission is to provide affordable high quality behavioral healthcare services and to assist individuals build mental, physical and spiritual confidence to thrive as productive citizens in today’s society.

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Mental Health

Addiction is a disease of both body and mind, affecting individuals, their families, entire communities and even our society as a whole. Our certified program counselors at CCI will help to restore self-esteem, social well being, and a sustainable rehabilitation program.

 Professional Evaluation

CCI will begin with a free consultation to determine which services you need. From there a certified physician will assess medical treatments and  coverage options.

Professional Treatment

The program will be designed to meet the individual needs of each patient through a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) plan.  This will include an opioid treatment program combined with behavioral therapy and medication to treat substance abuse disorders.

Why Choose Us

Consecrated Care Inc, will provide patients with the highest level of quality service. We offer quick admissions, good accessibility, convenient hours, a full range of service, and most of all treat each patient with respect and compassion in their new drug free environment. It is our belief these efforts will be more effective than just providing ordinary services.



As a family owned business, we pride ourselves with recruiting the best and brightest. Our team consist of a board-certified physician, registered pharmacist, licensed nurses and certified skilled counselors.  All who play an integral role in our community.


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