The admissions process is an extremely important stage in the client’s recovery process. The goal of Consecrated Care, Inc. is to get the client into the appropriate type of treatment whether at our facility or through referral.

Clients are required to sign all consent documents for treatment before admission to Consecrated Care, Inc.  No client will be admitted without written authorization from the client, guardian, or responsible party. Trained staff will inform the person(s) consenting of the following policies and procedures:

  • • Voluntary participation in the program
  • • An explanation of the facts and risks concerning all treatment procedures, including the use of opioid agonist medication.
  • • Expected charges for services
  • • Compliance with federal confidentiality regulations.
  • • Program rules regarding patient conduct and responsibilities
  • • An explanation of the overall goal of opioid agonist medication therapy is improved quality of life and freedom from illicit drugs. At periodic intervals, and in full consultation with the person served, the provider will discuss the present level of functioning, course of treatment and future goals.