Consecrated Care, Inc. will develop a customized treatment plan to meet the needs of each client. Each plan will be tailored to meet the clients physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. Our staff strives to provide a positive attitude concerning addiction recovery and to encourage retention in treatment. The treatment plans can be categorized into three key stages: Initial, intermediate and transition.  Services provided under each are as follows:

Initial period

New treatment plan developed within 10 days of client’s admission date.

  • • Counseling introduction and sessions
  • • Group counseling sessions
  • • Medical assessment

Intermediate period

Time of adjustment and stabilization.

  • • Medication therapy identified
  • • Medical assessments
  • • Treatment plan review
  • • Relapse prevention plan developed, if appropriate

Transition period

Medication reduction and detoxification.

  • • Development of an aftercare plan
  • • Establish a peer support network
  • • Implementation of detoxification timeline